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Résumé: Mechtild Runde-Witjes

Mechtild Runde-Witjes was born in Münster, Germany, in 1965. A studied garment engineer, she graduated from extra occupational art studies in the master class of Andreas Durrer (Assenza-Malschule). 

She lives and works in Kerken in the Lower Rhine. Since 2003 she has run her own studio. Her work is represented by Sandra Hofer in all of Germany.

Mechtild Runde-Witjes sees herself as an abstract artist that has the intention of expressing feelings through the forms and surfaces included in her artwork. 

Solution is the focus of her artistic intention. That does not mean (re-)solution in the proper meaning of the word. In fact the artist is paying special attention to relationships – her perceptions of inter-personal encounters and connections in nature. Through this special connection to nature in her artwork Mechtild Runde-Witjes intends to sensitize people for natural processes of development and change